How to patent a trademark
With the change in economic policy in 1992, the concept of "private property" has firmly entered into Russian life. Each of us clearly knows what belongs to him by right…

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Family business: you can not increase to lose
Dmitry Motorin talks about the problem of effective business inheritance and gives advice to owners and founders of companies how to transfer their business to the heirs without problems In…

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Is it possible to make money on Forex
All beginners are interested in - how realistic is it to make a profit on Forex? The most popular Internet search engines can provide numerous evidence and evidence of this…

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How to create your own business

Those years have passed when a huge demand for almost everything existed in the country. You could, without your own money, start and grow your business. Now it has become more difficult. To do their job, they need money, but it is difficult to borrow it, almost as much as returning it. It’s good if the parents are firmly on their feet, so you can continue the business started by them, or do something else.

It is incredibly difficult to open your own business in the city. There are many shops, and small ones are gradually being crowded out by large supermarkets.

To work in the construction business – you need funds for equipment, communications, good workers and to be a member of the SRO builders (self-regulatory organization). You can’t do without an office either.

Organizing a company providing accounting and auditing services may not be so costly, because you only need an office, office equipment, Internet access, a legislative base and specialists. Of course, again, entry into the SRO is necessary. The most expensive part is the entry into the membership of this organization, which is quite difficult for a newly created company. But without good connections, concluding good contracts is quite difficult, as large enterprises have long been working with reputable consulting firms.

In addition, you need to understand at least something in the business that you are going to do. It turns out that starting your own business in the city without money is almost impossible.

It is much easier to do business in the countryside, although not everyone wants to vegetate in the wilderness. Imagine that having only a house in the village, and a small amount for the summer, you can get a good income. It all depends on your desire to work, but in another matter, you hardly need to work.

Suppose breeding geese. The most troublesome is when the goose incubates eggs. It is necessary to ensure that she does not leave the nest. But this is not necessary, because small goslings can be bought in the spring. And then you just need to look after them so that they are not stolen by hawks and kites, which are enough in the countryside. But you can make a canopy from the netting netting, and your worries are over. He drove into the corral in the morning, and when they grow up, this cell is not needed either. Smart housewives feed them with chopped grass, but this is not difficult. Geese grow very quickly, only 4 months. Summer is not over yet, and the geese have already grown. For some, the income is too small, but not all at once, the main thing is to start.

Ducks grow almost as fast. Than it is good to grow geese and ducks, so that practically it is not necessary to look after them. Grow on their own.

And where to take or sell meat, you can take care of this in advance and find a month

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