How to independently develop an automatic online sales funnel for a business in 7 steps
Maria Grineva talks about what an online sales funnel is, how to independently create an automatic funnel in your company using 7 consecutive steps According to the research agency DATA…

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What will happen after the final victory "over the investor"?
The fact is that  “On Valuation Activities” does not allow calculating business value “in advance” so that the so-called “valuation date” will be in the future. But in the past,…

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10 franchising trends over the past 10 years
Experts predict a tenfold increase in franchised points by the end of 2025. Is it real? In order to answer this question, you need to look at the experience of…

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Is it possible to make money on Forex

All beginners are interested in – how realistic is it to make a profit on Forex? The most popular Internet search engines can provide numerous evidence and evidence of this fact, but their reliability in most cases is doubtful. Search engines do not allow you to immediately get the necessary information, in the end you will be given a bunch of a wide variety of links. Given the popularity of this topic and the “clogging” of the Internet with all kinds of sites that mention the Forex exchange, you may not immediately be able to find the information you need.

Various brokerage houses provide Forex profit, promising ordinary people the opportunity to earn money.

But the latter do not even suspect that they are the ones who contribute to profit-making by more experienced and knowledgeable traders. Various examples of easy enrichment attract many people and excite the minds with the apparent simplicity of its preparation. All this reminds most of the game of chance, and the computer, in this situation, acts as a gaming machine and only a few think about complex, scientific algorithms for changing exchange rates. Rather, it seems to many that they know something about this and even read smart books and attend seminars and webinars, however, in most cases, knowledge in this area remains quite superficial. At first glance, Forex trading does not seem complicated, but there are hidden nuances that must be understood by all traders.
Further description will be useful to established traders who have experience in trading in the stock and futures markets, who wish to apply their talents on the Forex exchange.

Forex is attracting more and more attention, it is the largest foreign exchange market, two reasons for the constant interest in this market can be distinguished:

round-the-clock work
lack of commissions
The constant work of the market allows you to make transactions at any time and contributes to the rapid introduction of changes to your work, there is no risk of gaps.

Initially, entry to this market was reserved for hedge funds and investors, this was due to high capital requirements. However, recently brokers and trading platforms have let in retail investors, which, in turn, has contributed to the development of “shoulder” trading and the maintenance of electronic order execution. As a result, traders involved in futures and stocks were able to increase their circle of work, receiving a new source of income. It is worth noting the fact that Forex has strategies similar to working in traditional markets.

How to survive your own financial crisis
A personal financial crisis can be the result of many events: job loss, divorce, bankruptcy, sudden medical expenses or any other events that cause financial stability to be lost. Whatever…


Free advertising on the Internet, where to advertise for free
Advertising in our time is not only the engine of commerce, as Louis Metzel, who once opened the country's first advertising agency, once said to an almost unknown Russian businessman…