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How to take loan tips and offers

Agree, promotional offers about loans and credits literally flooded our surrounding reality. They fall upon us from all sides – mainly, of course, from the Internet, because this is a way of advertising, requiring the least investment and, so to speak, the most fashionable. However, the “outdoor” is not far behind him. Even on the way to work, you will surely stumble upon the slogans of various banks and other credit organizations from the window of transport. Each of them seeks to overtake competitors with originality and colorfulness, but they all have one essence: come to us, take our money, and then return them with interest – on which we will live.

In principle, everything is fair here, except for one thing: undoubtedly, these offers are different in their profit, both for the client and for the owner of the bank. A modern person needs to be able to maneuver in this financial sea, having certain survival skills and at the same time adhering to the principles of a certain personal benefit. Simply put, we should all be able to take advantage of a loan and not get burned out on it.

Statistics show a sharp increase in credit debtors in the Russian Federation. Moreover, most of them are private individuals, and their debts average about 200,000 rubles. Someone pays interest, leaving the amount of the initial loan unchanged, someone tries to hide from creditors, the general picture does not change from this – most debtors are not able to fulfill their financial obligations. Few people may like such a life, therefore there are two options: either do not take loans and borrowings at all, or do it carefully, observing certain rules.

Let us try to summarize the most obvious and simplest of them, that is, those that can be used without even a financial education, and guided by simple logic.

– do you take goods on credit? Take care of the down payment.
One of the most popular types of lending in our country is commodity. That is, you come to the store, take, say, a refrigerator, and then pay a certain amount for it for several months. The question is how to get such a loan, and how to make it the most profitable. Well, to begin with, many stores have now replaced commodity credit with regular installments. That is, you pay exactly the same amount that is indicated on the price tag, without overpaying anything. Try to keep track of such promotions, they are quite common. But if this did not work out, here is a good tip: if you take equipment on credit, try to make the largest starting payment possible. This will allow, firstly, to save your money by reducing the time during which you will pay the payment. And, secondly, it will seriously increase the likelihood of approving your loan – the more serious the more you contribute.

– the simplest advice: take a loan – repay it on time.
Everything is simple here. Firstly, loan delinquencies entail penalties, which can be quite serious. The loan amount will increase quite strongly, sometimes at times. Secondly, loan delinquencies will cause the “blackening” of your credit history. Believe me, nobody needs this, and such a change in your financial status will not be useful under any circumstances. That is why, before taking a loan, comprehensively assess the risks and the possibility that a delay may occur. If there is even a small probability of such a case, you should refuse a loan. You should also not take a loan as a sort of “fire option.” You will most likely not completely solve your problems, and the loan will hang over you with a new overwhelming burden.

– the presence of a pledge or guarantor
Yes, not the most pleasant option. However, it allows you to seriously reduce the loan rate, often by several percent. Let’s say you planned to take out a loan at 18%, but having a good deposit or several guarantors will allow you to reduce this rate to 12-13%. This is good money, especially when it comes to a loan for a serious amount.

Keep in mind that in case of delay or your bankruptcy, the burden on the loan will be borne entirely by your guarantors. The Internet is full of stories about how people acted as guarantors of a loan for one or another of their friends, and what came of it. Read, this is an informative, although not always positive, reading.

– do not use the first available sentence
Here we return to the beginning of the article. Many times it happened that a person took advantage of the offer, roughly speaking, from an ad from a tram stop, took a loan of 2 million and then was very surprised how it happened that the percentage in the bank turned out to be two times lower. We repeat once again: the decision to take a loan, in addition, for a rather serious amount, must be comprehensively balanced and deliberate.

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