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How to improve your business using borrowed capital
Have you ever thought about using borrowed funds to buy or open a business or rebuild some property so that buyers or tenants pay only for you. Buy real estate…

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Top 5 Women's Mistakes in Personal Finance Management
Buying an apartment, because a friend bought the same, cosmetics instead of paying off a loan and other indisputable decisions Both men and women can make annoying mistakes in managing…

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What is offshore, onshore and midshore?
If you have ever created a business on your own, from the zero cycle, then you probably took into account the different possibilities for the place of registration. This usually…

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Bloomberg named Porsche 911 the most profitable car of the year

The eighth generation of the legendary Porsche 911 brought the German manufacturer a record share of profits – over the year, no other elite car earned so much for its automaker. These revenues will help balance the costs Porsche will need to produce the first Taycan electric car.
The latest version of the Porsche 911, known as the 992 series, has become the most profitable of all cars presented in a year, Bloomberg reports. The eighth generation of sports cars brought Porsche AG 30% of the total profit the company received, while it accounted for only 11% of sales.

In terms of the share of profit brought to the manufacturer, the latest Porsche 911 model exceeded the Ferrari F8 Tributo, Aston Martin DBX, Mercedes-Benz GLE or BMW X5. The F8 Tributo, for example, accounted for 50% of Ferrari sales, but it provided only 17% of the company’s profits. Continue reading

How two brothers and sister set up a $ 1 billion business selling cheap toys

The Mowbray family’s path to success in toy production was thorny – it had cheap rented housing in Hong Kong, courts with competitors, and goods that no one wanted to buy. Now that their business is worth more than $ 1 billion, entrepreneurs want to explore new territories
Nick Mowbray works in a 12-room mansion in the New Zealand town of Coatesville. Previously, there lived a cybercriminal Kim Dotkom – here he was detained in 2012. The 34-year-old Mowbray has a calmer life. In his estate, occupying half a hectare, he holds a vineyard, giving a harvest of 2000 wine per year. A man can afford such a life thanks to his fast-growing business. He manages the toy company Zuru with his older brother and sister, Matt and Anna. Walking through his library, the entrepreneur explains: “My philosophy is that the efforts made should always be proportionate to the goal.” Continue reading

Top 5 Women’s Mistakes in Personal Finance Management

Buying an apartment, because a friend bought the same, cosmetics instead of paying off a loan and other indisputable decisions
Both men and women can make annoying mistakes in managing personal finances. And yet there are mistakes that are peculiar primarily to women.

Small goals prevail over large ones
The small “joys of life” in the female mind often outweigh the really important financial goals. When drawing up a personal financial plan, it happens that the client has a high income, but there are not enough free funds to achieve the desired financial goals. And even after tax, investment, credit optimization, the set goals are still impossible to achieve in the desired time and in full. We have to resort to a thorough analysis of expenses – this is where it turns out what a lot of money a woman spends on the “interface” (clothes, cosmetics, procedures, etc.). Continue reading

Bank generosity: how can you benefit from a cashback card

More and more banks issue plastic cards with cashback. How to make the right choice?
In the wake of the consumer boom, banks are increasingly offering customers plastic cards with a cashback function, which provides for a return of 0.5–3% of the amount of purchases paid by the card. Such credit cards appeared in the United States in the 1980s, but reached Russia only in 2007. Now, cards with cashback are issued by two dozen banks, including regional ones, and the maximum percentage of return can be obtained not only with premium cards. Two-thirds of credit cards are credit, the rest are debit or settlement cards with interest on the balance. Forbes figured out whether it is profitable for customers to get such a bank card. Continue reading

The Millennium Generation: Who Changes the World of Financial Services

How and in what are young people who grew up in the digital age ready to invest
Without irony, a woman who seeks to change the world of financial services gives us an interview in a conference room named after her by Warren Buffet, who does not trust new technologies. She lists applications that have changed the way she communicates with the world for her generation: Uber for transport, Tinder for dates, and even Washio for laundry and dry cleaning. “By pressing the buttons on our phones, we can do whatever we need when we feel comfortable,” says a thirty-year-old New Yorker with a name more suitable for an eighty-year-old baroness. Continue reading

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How to decide whether to buy stocks or mutual funds
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Smart money. Six major financial technologies this year
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